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Medical news from the Netherlands

medical news1. The IGZ [Dutch Health Inspectorate] has been taken to court by the Clara Wichmann Institute and the SVS support center for women with silicone implants, who demand that the IGZ ban the use of these implants until it has been established that they are safe. To date, the IGZ has refused to place any restrictions on the use of this product. The hearing is expected to take place in a couple of months.

2. A survey conducted by the NIP [Netherlands Institute for Psychologists] reveals that many practitioners exaggerate the severity of patients’ conditions so their care will be covered by insurance. More than 40% admitted to engaging in “creative labeling”. They argue

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that the system encourages this type of fudging because it doesn’t cover milder conditions even though treatment at an earlier stage of the disease often prevents exacerbation and the need for more expensive care later on.

3. The first Dutch manual focused specifically on women’s health came out this month. It is unique in that it does not just address gynecology and obstetrics, but comprehensive care, based on the understanding that the differences between men and women go beyond the reproductive system and sometimes necessitate differences in treatment.

4. Janssen-Cilag, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and Sandoz, a subsidiary of Novartis, have been fined over 10 million and over 5 million euros, respectively, for a secret arrangement 2005 in which Janssen-Cilag paid Sandoz for a period of 17 months to keep their fentanyl patches off the market.